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Why we built TripAdvisor SEO University

At TripAdvisor, we care deeply about creating the best environment on the planet to do SEO. Continual education plays a huge part in that. As we've grown, our rate of learning had also increased and we sought an opportunity to more efficiently share insights.

With over 15 years of site history and nearly 80 sites under management, SEO at TripAdvisor is a global scale challenge with an infinite number of opportunities to explore and learn from.

We want everyone on the team to be empowered to tackle these challenges at full speed.

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How we built TripAdvisor SEO University

There aren’t many companies in the world where an SEO University could happen or even be needed. While most in-house SEOs are lacking resources to make the simplest changes, our team has a proven track record of coming up with key insights and delivering measurable needle-moving results. With those results comes executive buy-in from the CEO down and the resources needed to drive the virtuous cycle of learning.

Insights drive results. Results lead to more resources. Bringing together the best SEOs in the world invariably leads to more insights.

What is TripAdvisor SEO University

TripAdvisor SEO University is an internal learning resource, created and managed by the people in the SEO trenches every day. It contains over 30 SEO specific lessons covering everything from nuts and bolts best practices to our most prized insights. There are also video tutorials for our large suite of custom-built SEO tools describing how to leverage them to gain an accurate and deeply intuitive understanding of SEO.

With TripAdvisor's strong "Test, Iterate, Learn" culture, TripAdvisor SEO University is continuously updated with new learnings and insights.

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